SEA LIFE Aquarium Sydney


The aquarium can be found fairly central in the city at Darling Harbor, a little north of Pyrmont Bridge. I visited the aquarium on a voucher than let me go in two of the Merlin Entertainment exhibits. If you have a voucher, you’ll need to claim your ticket before you can enter which is a little further around from the entrance. Visiting the aquarium was great way to get out of the weather on a Winters day and it took about 1-1.5hrs to get around the exhibits.

When you first enter, there are some of the smaller, more common fish and corals as well as display cases containing anemones. After walking down a ramp you move into an area with seals, rays; after venturing through a tube taking you through their tank, you then get the opportunity to view from above. This then leads to the most exciting exhibit; the shark tank – where you get to see the stealthy sharks skulking around above you.

There is then a ride where you see penguins where you can see them waddling around in the snow and jumping down hills before being able to see the speed in which they zip around when swimming under the water.

Following this, you reach my favorite exhibit; the jellyfish – where you can see these eloquent blobs move with amazing finesse. You then get to see a turtle and more sharks before exiting to the gift shop.

Overall it was a good way to spend a few hours; particularly on a day where the weather was less than perfect!

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