Remove Google Analytics 500 Row Limit


This tutorial about overcoming Google Analytics 500 row limit will help you get the most from Google Analytics. Google Analytics can provide extremely insightful data, but sometimes getting to that data can be difficult and this guide will teach you a way to visulise more data in Google Anaytics with great ease. Not only this but you will be able to download more than the 500 row limit in Google Analytics exports in a single download.

By default Google Analytics will allow you to see 10 rows; this can be increased to 25, 50, 100, 250 or 500. Although 500 may seem a lot, when conducting analysis of keywords driving traffic to the site there will be many unique variations and in order to build a profile of the keywords bringing in traffic it may take time to download multiple reports and even then it may not be practical to download all the keywords.

How to increase the number of rows shown in Google Analytics

  • Log into Google Analytics and click on the tab which you want to view [we will look at the report: Content > Site Content > All Pages]

The URL will look similar to this:
  • Change the default row value from 10 to a different value (we will set to 25)
  • As you can see highlighted in yellow, there has been a parameter added that relates to the number of rows, this can then be adjusted to a custom value (we will use 732)
  • You should now reload the page.

You can now see as many, or as few rows as you like in Google Analytics with the simple edit of the URL. During my use of this Google Analytics row hack I have not so far encountered an upper limit on the number of rows that can be reported

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