Remove Traffic To A Directory With Filters In Google Analytics


Do you want to gain more insight from Google Analytics? Removing traffic to certain directories (such as your blog) can help you to more easily identify and analyse potential customers. We will show you how to set up a filter in Google Analytics to allow you to achieve this.

How To Use Filters To Exclude traffic To A Directory – Google Analytics

Google Analytics lets you filter traffic to your website in many ways. Filtering traffic by the parts of your site that they visit can allow you to gain greater insight about particular types of visitor to your site. It is useful to filter certain folder to exclude traffic to your blog, or to segment traffic that views a particular product type.

To set up Google Analytics to allow you to filter folders is easy; you will need to be a site administrator in Google Analytics though.

  1. Click Admin on the right hand side of the orange horizontal menu
  2. In the right hand column of page content, click Filters; the forth item down
  3. Click New Filter
  4. Select the option traffic to the sub-directories
  1. You can choose in include or exclude traffic to this folder
  2. You will also need to choose if you want to select folders that are equal to OR that begin with OR that end with OR that contain the path that you specify.
  3. You will also have to specify the relative path to your folder: eg /mydir/ OR /blog/
  1. And of course, don’t forget to name your filter appropriately and click save

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