How To Use AdWords Shared Ads


Google have now released the ability to share a single ad between multiple ad groups. You might ask so why would I want to share my ads? Well, the simple answer is that ad testing has just got easier as you can now get actionable insight much quicker and easier, speeding up the optimisation process!

So Why Should You Start Using Shared Ads

Pay-per-click ad testing is an extremely important part of optimising an account as it can allow you to increase how many people click on your ads and get to your site. Testing multiple ads can ensure that the messaging in the ads, and the expectations of those people who click them match.

Ad testing can be difficult in some cases, particularly if you have tightly themed adgroups that do not make a significant number of impressions. The data that you receive from these adgroups is small, making it statistically insignificant which endangers any actions you take based on it.

If you want to ensure the decisions you are making are the right ones, you should use shared ads across similar adgroups to see which are the most effective. As the ads are being used with multiple adgroups you will get more data, quicker allowing the insights and decisions you make to be more accurate.

Once you have determined which ads are most effective, you can then implement them on an adgroup level, as traditionally you have done, and test them over a longer period of time to ensure that the data you have found on aggregate applies to the adgroups individually as well

How To Use The Adwords Shared Ads Interface

Setting up shared ads is easy. Below is an example of the interface with the various aspects of it explained in more detail.

  1. Shared Ads can be found through the left hand vertical menu, just below your list of campaigns. Click on “Shared Library” and then “Ads”
  2. Choose a name that you wish to use for your ad list. Once you have set up an ad list, you can use multiple ads to use with it
  3. Create an Ad following the usual guidelines
  4. Shared ads can only be used with enhanced campaigns, choose an enhanced campaign within your account.
  5. Choose the adgroups that you wish the ad to be used with. HINT: Hold shift to quickly select multiple adgroups
  6. This shows the ad lists that you have already created


Sadly shared ads can’t be set up through the adwords editor yet, however the online interface has been made intuitive and easy to use. Even if you have many adgroups, the fact you can select multiple adgroups at once means that it is still practical and not overly time consuming to use this functionality.

As a way to test ads over shorter time periods this is a great development that can allow you to make the most of you ad optimisations by finding out what works quickly and easily, allowing you to see the benefits for longer.

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