Ku-ring gai Chase Walk (Cowan to Hawkesbury River)


The walk from Cowan to Hawkesbury was a part of the Ku-ring gai Chase. It had been wet the night before making the initial part of the walk pretty slippery underfoot. Along the way, I also saw two goannas – the first I was down by the water when I heard a rustle and turned to see a long tail disappearing around the side of a tree which I then went to investigate and saw the goanna scaling vertically.

The next part of the trip was pretty tough with a steep rocky incline, there were even hand and foot grips in some places to help get over the boulders. The sun was out by this point too making it much more draining. At the top, there was a cave to sit and rest in luckily I spotted the massive spider below where I was planning to sit prior to sitting down though so gave that a miss!

At the top of the ridge was a fire trail to walk along and lots of places next to the pylons where you could get good views of the valley.

Just before the descent into Hawkesbury there was a great scenic view which could easily be missed – with the steep trail downwards it’s worth keeping your eyes open so you don’t miss out. At the bottom of the descent there was a dam with a little camping area and some lovely water lilies too.

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