I decided to uproot and move to the otherside of the world just before my 30th Birthday as it was my last chance to benefit from the working travel visa. It was an amazing experience to live abroad and experience a whole different way of life.

Hyde Park

Hyde Park is in the centre of Sydney and is probably one of my most visited areas – whether on the way to work or en-route to a walk through …

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Maroubra Beach

After living in the Surrey Hills area I moved to Maroubra beach which provided a much more chilled out lifestyle as well as the opportunity to go to the beach …

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Coogee Beach

Coogee beach was the first place I wanted to live in Sydney although I couldn’t find anywhere decent there that I liked. It’s much more chilled out that Bondi but …

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Darling Harbour

Central Quay is a beautiful part of the city surrounded by the quay for the luxury yachts in Sydney.