Lane Cove Walk (Chatsworth to Thornleigh)


I visited Lane Cove on a hot day – the picnic tables were bustling and the start of the walk around the river was lovely. On the way, I saw two separate echidnas too.

There was some work being conducted when reaching the main carpark for the park. This meant that rather than being able to go the normal way to the northern part of the journey that instead I had to dodge and weave to get over a three lane road – luckily there were a few gaps in traffic but riskier than I was hoping for.

The Northern part of the walk was much more secluded – there were a few other walkers around but it was much quieter. The terrain also got hillier so by the end of the walk I felf warn out.

Definitely one of my more enjoyable walks and hoping to revisit there again soon!

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