Whale Watching Tasmanian Sea


I decided to go whale watching on my day off at the end of June. I found a good deal on Quidco for about a $30 weekday ticket with Go Whale Watching Sydney. It was an enjoyable day out and even had relatively nice weather for Winter in Oz, It was definitely an odd but worthwhile combination taking warm clothes and sunglasses.

As the boat left the harbor and ventured into the Tasmanian sea, we saw dolphins which swam along with the boat for a way. It took quite a while to see any action but eventually, the skipper was told by another boat that they had a pod of whales and we headed over there. We had to stay behind the other boat but we saw the whales blowing water out the water and coming up to breathe as well as diving down again with their tales coming out of the water which looked impressive. We were quite a way a way and when the whales came up near the ship it was difficult to get a good view as everyone crowded around. 

We probably stayed with the whales for about an hour and went between a few different groups that were nearby. It was a good experience although I didn’t get to see any whales doing awesome jumps. On the way back in we also saw a seal chilling out on a buoy. 

At the end of the trip, the skipper of the ship said that the whales had been a bit quiet and that as they migrated North this tended to be the case whereas when they come back South they are a bit more active – I would like to go in August time next.

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