JR Travel Pass


When researching Japan before departing, I quickly found out that for a tourist, the rail system seemed to make the most sense for navigating the company. Having booked my flights to Japan late though, when I went to book the ticked, I quickly found out that it wasn’t as easy as I thought to get the ticket; I knew you needed to but before arriving in Japan biut what I didn’t realise was that the voucher needed to be mailed out to you. 

Thankfully I found a travel agent on Sydney that would issue the voucher on the spot for a small premium which I was greatful for as the saving of the travel pass seemed too good to miss out on. The pass comes in a few different options;

  • 7 Days
  • 14 Days
  • 21 Days
  • All either regular or premium seating

As I was going for about 24 days this obviously meant there would be a little gap in the ticket duration and how long I’d need it so I decided to not use it to travel to/from the airport as that I assumed would be a smaller journey and I planned my route to finish in Tokyo where my ticket would expire a couple of days before the end of the trip.

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