Premium Economy – Philippine Airlines


Due to a few issues with my visa in Australia, I got the opportunity to have a last minute break and booked some last minute tickets to Japan. As it happened, the cheapest tickets I could find had an outward journey with Premium Economy – I’m not sure how much extra this would typically cost, but experiencing the perks of this definitely would encourage me to look at upgrading in the future. 

The seats are far more spacious, with leg rest and a better recline too. The best part though had to be how liberating the queue jump was. It was great to be able to not have to worry about being the first in the checkout line or getting to the counter for boarding straight away as the tickets allowed boarding at the same time as the business class passengers. 

The first flight to Manila from Australia was full and so the service didn’t feel much different, but going from Manila to Japan felt like we had our own personal stewardess as there were only 4 people in the premium seating out of 32. 

It was a bit of a shame the food was the same as economy; but actually the food on these two legs was quite good in comparison to other airlines. The experience would definitely make me take a look at upgrading in the future too.

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