NYE 2018 Sydney


I decided to go to the east shore to watch New Years Eve come in as I’d been working in the day and new near the bridge would be manic. It had been stormy weather with thunder and a lot of rain but headed out for 9 to watch a preview of what was to come at the children’s display. I went to Vaucluse as I thought I’d get a good view – There was a decent spot on a hill near where I got off the bus but unfortunately there were street lights which made photos difficult.

I’d planned to go into the park and find somewhere to settle in for the evening but security were there turfing people out despite nothing going on there.

I wanted somewhere better for the display so walked down the road and ended up in a little park called Dumaresq Reserve. There was a nice area to sit and look at the bridge until midnight got close. Just before the new year came in, I went out into the bay to get a better view and I also got my own space away from the crowds which was nice. The views were amazing and the pictures didn’t do it justice.

Unfortunately, getting out the bay I sliced my foot on a rock and my phone took a dip in the ocean – lucky it was waterproof and is still working and getting

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