Turtle Island


In the morning when the taxi arrived we got in and asked if the driver thought we’d be able to see turtles on turtle island; if it was the right time of the year and how often they visited. He laughed a little and nodded which we thought meant that they would be quite common.

He ended up taking us to boat area where we could get a fast boat to the island. We didn’t think it was quite right but he told us it was the only way; as it was called an island, we believed him although we did manage to negotiate the price in half. We got the boat over to the island and gave our “donation” to be able to enter.

The “sanctuary” had to be one of the worst experiences and it looked like the animals were treated really cruelly. The larger turtles were kept in a men made out of metal fences and tarps to shade the area; although the pen was no bigger than a large living room. It didn’t seem fair to keep the animals there. There were also pens for the baby turtles which again seemed to be overcrowded, had shallow water and not much else. At the time it felt really awkward but they gave you a turtle to hold and photo which I wish we hadn’t gone along with.

Overall didn’t seem like a good place or a nice way to treat the animals. The boat trip was the best bit and as I didn’t want to put any photo’s up of Turtle Island, you get one of the boat instead.

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