Shiroyama Park


After a few hours on the train I arrived in Kagoshima and left early afternoon to the Shiroyama park.

One of the most beautiful places was actually near the Statue of Shimazu Hisamitsu at the bottom of the mountain. There was a lovely unique stone bridge over a pond and and green forest area; I really love the flora & fauna in Japan – how it’s very mossy with unique shaped trees covered in leafy creepers creepers.

I had thought I wasn’t going to walk the mountain (it’s called Mt. Shiroyama although it was only about 100m high) as I’m off to the volcano tomorrow but honestly, it was a lovely area and the path only had a very slight incline.

At the top it went from a peaceful walk to the usual hustle and bustle – there was a route for buses and they were shipping up a lot of people. There was a nice local chap up there who chatted to me and showed some amazing photos of a nearby mountain.

After taking a few cloudy pictures of the volcano, I headed back down again.

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