Fushimi Inari Trail


Fushimi Inari Trail felt like my first properly touristy thing to do in Japan. As I hadn’t got much sleep due to all the traveling to Japan and Kyoto, I woke up later than I probably should and after getting the subway to the entrance, it was seething there with throngs of people trying to get a look. I wondered what I was in for in Japan!

The start of the trail was busy with lots of people trying to get a good photo in front of the orange arches, but luckily as the trail went up it got quieter and quieter.

About half way up there was a nice viewing spot although by this point I was feeling the climb and was pretty tired. I wondered whether to go all the way to the top but decided to. There were very few people up that far which gave a great opportunity for photos. When I reached the top there was a nice temple although you didn’t get a view which was a shame.
Coming back down again it was really interesting to see how each of the orange arches that were almost back to back the whole way up had been inscribed with japenes symbols.

I was pretty tired after the hike but was glad I went to the top!

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