Kichi Kichi Omurice Restaurant


Whilst sitting in the hostel bar one night, someone recommended Kichi Kichi and I’ve got to pass on that recommendation to anyone visiting Kyoto. I’d read online that it gets busy and you can book up to 6 weeks in advance. I’d walked by earlier in the day and it said some tables were still free and so I showed up at 5 on the off chance I’d be lucky. A no show meant I got in after waiting for only a couple of minutes.

Omurice is a Japanese version of an omelette. It starts with a mix of beef, onion, mushrooms, rice and some sauce which is fried and then shaped into an oval. An omelette is then made where the center is still almost a little runny; this is then placed on the rice mix and a chopstick is used to slit along the top to allow it to open up with additional sauce poured on top.

The chap cooking at Kichi Kichi was a real character with pink hair and a flare for showmanship, the whole process was very entertaining and well worth the visit.

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