Miyajima’s Itsukushima Shrine & Great Torii


After the Mazda Museum, I got on a train which connected to a JR ferry to get me to Miyajima, just off the coast of Hiroshima. It was a lovely island; full of deer again although these weren’t as tame as Nara park and smelt a whole lot worse – you were also encouraged not to feed them which was a good thing!

Coming into the island, you got a view of the Torii gate from a distance and after arriving on Miyajima and a short walk around the coastline you got an up close view and reached the shrine. The gate was really impressive and seemed to just float in the sea. There was some construction work taking place with some scaffolding around the bottom although 90% of the gate was visible still although 10 days later it would be completely covered which was fortunate.

The shrine cost about 300 yen to go inside but was nice to look around and gave some close views of the Torii gate. After exiting the shrine, I then went to beach on the far side and got a nice 360 camera shot.

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