Toshogu Shrine


Toshogu Shrine is known for being one of the most lavishly decorated shrines in Japan and it really did live up to its reputation. It seemed bit more expensive than most to go in but actually felt worth it given the size of the complex.

It was busy with tourists and although not really even raining, everyone had big brollies which it felt like they held as high as they could and every time you tried to get a photo someone would walk right in front of it.

The buildings themselves though we’re beautifully decorated on the inside and out. After going in the main temple, there was then a walk up a stone stairway to another temple and finally a little tour around another building.

The final tour was actually pretty interesting and the building seemed to have significant Chinese influence with statues representing the different birth years. There was also a dragon painted on the roof and it was remarkable that when the guide hit some sticks together they only echoed when standing under its mouth so it was designed to be it’s roar.

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