Rainbow Bridge


I’d headed to a part of town to get a view from of “The World Trade Centre” which either wasn’t that big or that I couldn’t find. I also had seen some awesome pictures of the rainbow bridge that I wanted to photo.

It turned out the lights only lit up that way in seasonal holidays though and so it was nice to see at night but didn’t live up to its name! I’d arrived just before 8 and couldn’t find a good view point, when I got up top there were some green lights turning to white. I waited around until 8:30 but didn’t see anything else and wasn’t sure even if I waited to 9 if there would be some sort of show.

The next day, I’d been exploring Odaiba and decided to get back to the city by walking the Rainbow Bridge. It was a nice walk and generally sheltered from the sun which had been blisteringly hot all day. I saw a couple of the Mario Karts exploring which was cool to see and also somehow managed to get a little lost at the end – thinking the exit was a viewing platform!

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