Hiroshima Castle


I wasn’t really planning on visiting the castle in Hiroshima as the original had been rebuilt following the bomb that was dropped here. I had some spare time and wondered over to the castle, and it was actually quite impressive so I went in a bit deeper and ended up paying to go in the castle itself as someone mentioned that there was Samurai Armour and weapons to see.

Having being rebuilt, the interiors had been modernised and turned into a sort of museum. The bottom floor had some interesting bits of information; such as how a moat at the front was built higher than the ground level to be destroyed and flood intruders. There were also photos allowed and even a samurai dress up area. As you went up the castle though, there was no photography and less information to go alongside the exhibits.

Overall, I had a bit of time of my hands and it was an interesting exhibit that was less expensive than a lot of the other places I have entered but I would suggest maybe combining Miyajima with the Peace museum to have a single day in Hiroshima

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