Dotonbori District


In the evening, it was time to go explore the bright lights of Osaka in the area of Dononburi which was a long brightly lit street with flashing neon signs and all the plastic feel of cheap commercialism. Don’t get me wrong, whilst the best ways to enjoy areas like that is when getting drunk, it was still a great experience to explore the area even if not fully making the most of it.

When I arrived it was still twilight and it was moderately busy but not too bad, as night set in though, the streets were packed and there were food vendors left right and centre. I was surprised as this was the first time I experienced more pushy people trying to sell things (although very lightly compared to elsewhere).

I stopped off for ramen and gyoza at a couple of places that were really tasty. The ramen was at a little place which was very unassuming. There was a little vending machine outside and I’d read about it on Lonely Planet again. It was an unusual experience, sitting cross legged at a low table whilst eating.

Whilst in Dotonbori I made sure to get my selfie on the bridges along with everyone else too

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