Osaka Castle


I arrived in Osaka about 2 ish after the long journey from Fukuoka. I wasn’t sure how long things would stay open for and so rushed in the hostel to get back out again – I realised I may have come across rude and so apologised later when I got back to the hotel and even got a free beer as there was a new girl practicing.

Osaka Castle was similar in many ways to Himeji and Hiroshima although the view of the castle didn’t seem as clear when walking around. There were huge gardens surrounding the castle giving a really nice area to explore and I’m sure when the cherry blossoms were out they would have been beautiful.

I decided not to go inside as to some extent the other castles had been a little disappointing. Himeji was impressive inside but largely unfurnished with little to see. As Hiroshima had been rebuilt, It had exhibits, although not that impressive. I heard Osaka Castle was similar with a modernised interior (it had a glass lift to access the castle also) and whilst it had exhibits, I wasn’t too interested.

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