Jakson Curry & Coffee Restaurant


The previous night, I’d been planning to visit here but it was shut (on a Thursday) like many other places in the town leading me to wander the streets for hours trying to find somewhere to eat. Tonight though Jakson’s was open and you could smell it down the street. When we (I went for the meal with the Newcastle couple from sake) got to the door the lady looked at us and said they only do curry which I took as a good sign and we went in.

Although they only did curry, they had many to choose from with a couple of pork, beef and chicken – I went for the Tonkotsu pork (breaded) and it was an amazing meal with a nice level of spice and phenomenal flavor in general. If going back to Takayama, this really would really have to be a must to do again as it was so good and at a good price too.

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