Harada Sake Brewery


I’d planned to visit the brewery in the afternoon and actually had a really awesome time there. There was a couple from Newcastle who I got chatted to and who seemed to be a magnet for connecting everyone and there ended up being a big group of us sat around drinking sake.

The breweries offered an amazing deal where for 300 yen (a couple of pounds) you got a sake cup that you could use to try the different sake drinks. There were 12 in total and you could have a full cup each time too and at the end you even got the cup so it was an amazing deal.

The sake itself was about the strength of wine in general and just had quite a general alcohol flavor – there were some that were tastier but generally to me they all tasted relatively similar. The brewery shut at 6 and I’d tried about 9 sake by then but as I’d had no lunch I could feel it.

Really awesome afternoon and thing to do in Takayama too

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