Matsukura Walking Course


Having come to the mountains, I was keen to do a few walks and started this one.

There were again so many signs for bears though and drums to beat to try to scare them off, I got half way up and realised it wasn’t the wisest thing to be doing. Down the bottom of the mountain, the trail had had a road on one side and was quite open to provide a good view of the area. As I got higher though, the slopes closed in on both sides and the bush was a lot thinker; with the rain it sounded like there was movement everywhere too so you wouldn’t hear anything that was really there. I thought that to carry on would be 3 times as far and as I was alone with noone else near, I just wasn’t worth it.

Apparently at the top there was meant to be a ruined castle and awesome views so I felt I was missing out even if it was the smarter decision.

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