Hida Folk Village


I’d actually umm-ed and agh-ed about whether the Hida Village would be worth it but actually had a great time there and spent a couple of hours.

The old building seemed more authentic with thatched straw roofs and interesting articles in side. It seemed like one of the more beautiful places I’d seen.

There was a Koi pond in the centre with a few toys nearby like bamboo water pistols (which I gave a go) and stilts (which I didn’t). This side of the lake gave some great panoramic views though of the area – there was also a viewing point for the alps but with the clouds and rain you couldn’t see much. You could then zig and zag to see the various buildings and what they made inside.

There was an exhibit for silkworms which was cool to see as they had actual silk worms there and also a fable about where the silk worms came from – a girl and her horse.

Towards the end, there were also some workshops – showing how straw was transformed into saddles and ornaments with an old chap shaping and manipulating the shapes using his toes to hold the string. There was also a pottery & lacquer area and lastly the woodwork shop which I went to see. I felt a bit mean as the guy in the woodwork shop had been dozing when I got there but I really wanted to see what they did so went inside. He showed how he shaped and carved the wood, gave some info about the world and showed how the color changed over time too.

This definitely made Takayama worth the visit alone even though there were other decent things in the town to do too.

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