Takayama Morning Markets


I’d been expecting rain today and so didn’t rush to wake up or get out but still was up relatively early in time to see the markets and the rain wasn’t too bad at the start of the day. There were two markets in the town, relatively close together and so I hopped between the two.

It was nice to see the locals selling their specialties like fruit and veg, honey, pickles and souvenirs. In the town there was a monkey that was like a 4 pronged star with a ball for the head which I quite liked and though about buying but they were all about 500 yen (only about 4 GBP) but it still seemed a lot for what it was so I thought I’d see if there was something else I found along the way.

Alongside the markets was a river and it was amazing to see how many Koi were there trying to swim upstream.

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