Nagi Ramen Restaurant


Nagi Ramen was again one of the favourites from lonely planet and somewhere I couldn’t fault!

When I got there it was about 7 and there was a queue going into the side street. As well as a menu, it also had some interesting bits of information such as around etiquette. It explained it was rude to try to add things to your ramen before trying as this was almost an insult to the chef and even going to the bathroom after your meal was served was a taboo.

When a spot had almost become available upstairs they took me up to order my food on the vending machine and I wandered what smelt fishey – when I looked up, the roof was covered in dried fish hanging on strings!

I’d ordered the “supreme” ramen (I can’t actually remember it’s name but it was the most expensive and recommended dish). You also got to choose the noodles I chose medium out of small, regular, medium & large.

When it came it was huge with maybe 5-6 slices of pork, 2 slices of pork brisket, a picked egg and all the other trimmings. There was even a whole little fish; which I left to one side! The meal was so tasty and by the end I felt ready to pop – I wondered how many noodles the large would get! The noodles were also like Soba noodles so were thicker. Definitely one of the better ramen I’d had.

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