Shinjuku & Golden Gai


Shinjuku is kind of the red light & entertainment district of Tokyo. It was full of the craziest things such as the Godzilla head coming out over the tops of buildings. There was also a robot restaurant which was pretty expensive at 8000 yen – and I think that may have been without the food!

This side of town had a different feel with a lot more people who sounded like they were from Africa or the Caribbean trying to entice you into the seedier side of the city. I’d seen some prostitutes in Ikebukuro and Akihabara but there were a lot more around here. Most were dressed in school uniform type clothes with signs of their prices. It amazed me; most said 2500 yen but I saw one girl as low as 650 yen – about £5 which was insane!

There were also Bunny bars and other novelties like that too. One of the main attractions to Shinjuku was the Golden Gai though which was a series of narrow streets with small bars. There was also a great place called Ramen Nagi where I got dinner.

As I walked around the streets and there was a film crew recording something – I was obviously hoping it may be a scene in a high profile film but wasn’t that exciting. There were three kids being filmed running; all dressed in Adidas and so I assumed it was an advert for them. Still an interesting thing to see!

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