Katsukura Restaurant


I’d been avoiding eating at the train stations despite the recommendations that kept coming up but I decided to head down there given I wanted to head out to see Fushimi Inari again; but this time at night.

Katsukura (as the name suggests) made Katsu or lightly battered meats as part of their meals. They also offered a premium type of pork – Joshu which I decided to try. It was good and a solid second place with third nowhere near; but unfortunately after Kurokatsutei, it was a long distance from being the best pork I’d eaten.

I did, however, learn what I was meant to do with the sesame seeds which I’d just used as a topping last time! I was actually meant to grind them around in the bowl, add sauce to them and dip the pork which actually was really tasty. Alongside this there was a soy-wasabi sauce which was good for dipping.

There were also the usual sides of cabbage, barley rice and miso with free refills if you wanted. I felt full enough on the main meal though so didn’t decide to have the refill.

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