Kiyomizu-dera Temple


It felt sweltering outside in the low to mid thirty’s. At about 2ish, I thought it maybe cooling down and so started to walk towards Kiyomizu-dera but after about 10 minutes unfortunately in the wrong direction, I decided to give up and try again later. After checking in at 3pm into my hostel, I headed off again at 4 but I felt lie a vampire trying to move from shade to shade to keep out of the sun (luckily, I didn’t end up burning).

After about 30 mins, I reached the temple complex and it was nice to look around. I knew before heading up there that the main temple was covered as construction work was happening until early/mid 2020 which main the main beautiful sight of the temple in the mountain was missing. I couldn’t believe the number of tourists there too; it felt like a zoo. I had a look around and got some pics but decided not to go into the temple itself; it was a shame, there was a walk to another temple but you could only get there by paying.

One of the coolest things there was a statue of 2 dragons intertwined.

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