Moving Abroad To Australia


I’ve always thought that I would like abroad; even in secondary school I thought I’d end up working out of New York. After settling into a job and buying a flat in the UK it seemed a little far away and in the end the decision to move abroad was quite last minute.

I’d swapped jobs for the first time in my career in November 2017 and the new role wasn’t what I’d expected. It was very limited in scope and didn’t align to what I wanted to be doing. The great thing was that this was the push I needed to look at what I really wanted – and that was a shakeup.

I interviewed in January and was offered the job. After applying for a new role in Sydney, It was about a month to moving out there. My flat was on the market and I couldn’t wait to go. Not everything was sorted before I left (my house was sold but wouldn’t exchange for a few months) but this really showed that if you want change, you can make it happen quickly!

I arrived in Sydney with just 2 bags, after living in a hostel for the first week, one of my future colleagues offered me his place whilst he went back to the US and this gave me enough time to find a place of my own in Surrey Hills.

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