The Great Budha


I’d planned two day trips from Tokyo but wasn’t sure the best place to visit for my second. I had wanted to visit Fuji; the weather hadn’t been good though and it was a fair bit to go there with little chance of seeing the mountain. Instead, I decided to go to Karakura to the south of Tokyo. I’d read there was a statue of a sitting Buddha as well as some walks.

It was a gentle walk across town to reach the Buddha and it was relatively cheap to go in at only 200 yen. The Buddha was the main thing in the temple although there were some interesting looking trees.

There was an option to go inside the statue for another 20 yen which I figured why not. There was a bit of info on how the statue had been built in seven parts before assembly and that the joints used were quite advanced.

When I left the temples, I looked for walks but there didn’t really seem to be any advertised. I mapped one out up the forests bear by but it was meant to take 1.5 hrs and with all the bear signs recently I just decided not to go.

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