Nanzoin Temple


One of the day trips from Fukuoka was to Nanzoin although this was advertised as a less touristy place, it still had a lot of tourists though. It was a really nice small town though and a really chilled area. There was a light rain also which added to the experience.

I generally love Buddhist temples and find them some of the nicest most interesting places to visit as they have character with putting little hats on statues and more fun statues too.

The giant reclining Buddha here was really impressive too. I couldn’t believe the size of it. I then got chatting to a couple of guys who has helped me on the train from Miyajima.

After exploring the temple, I found a path taking me up the hills, there was a family going up that way too but they turned around. As I got higher, there was a bamboo Forrest that was really impressive and the trails were nice to hike up. I went until I reached a road which I wandered down a little way and then turned around and came back. As it had been raining, the trails were a little sketchy on the way down though but I got back safe and sound.

I really enjoyed Nanzoin and felt it actually offered more to do in the day the Fukuoka itself.

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