Adache Fireworks


I spotted that there was a firework display in the evening and decided to pop along. it hadn’t sounded like it would be that big of thing and with lots of open space nearby I thought it would be a nice way to spend the evening.

I was so wrong; when I turned up, it was so busy with the streets on the way packed with people crawling along and stalls selling stuff on each side. I was starving having not had lunch or dinner and ended up having my first corndog – it surprised me a little that it was actually quite good!

When I got to the area of the fireworks, there were lots of people on the hill and I managed to find a spot there.

The display was nice but not as good as Sydney’s. There were some cool shaped fireworks launched though and a nice little side trip and way to spend the evening.

I wasn’t sure how the public transport would cope with all the people so I left a little early to get the train after about 45 mins of the display

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